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  1. cathy chism says:

    “Do I Know You” A real page turner; this is the real deal! Having grown up in Seattle and as well as travel the beautiful Oregon coast; loved the back drop. It’s been a long time since I have read such a great book. Loved how the puzzle pieces slowly came into place. Girl friends, you know what your getting for your birthday this year!!!!! I can hardly wait for another wonderful book from CJ Vermote!

  2. cathy chism says:

    Another GREAT book by CJ Vermote! Again for us who live in Washington State; what a wonderful back drop. When CJ Vermote wrote “Do I know You” I thought it can not get better than this. “Taking What is Mine” is another page turner! Wow! Loved and enjoyed each book! CJ Vermote certainly has become my favorite author! Soooooooooooooo looking forward to her next book!
    Cathy Chism

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