Review by Susan Leutheuser

I applaud your courage to not only share your experiences, but to do so in an engaging format which will reach more people then if this were another non-fiction book. The topic is a difficult one, and many people shy away. But, the way you have interwoven the topic in a mystery, spreads awareness and shines a light on how deeply devastating the trauma from suppressed experiences can be.

I have had many clients who have come in for a variety of issues, and it is very common for early abuse to be at the core of their weight gain, phobia, self sabotage, etc. That sense of not being good enough, or undeserving of love or a good life. Lost time & memory is a tip off. We both know about disassociate disorder, so we don’t have to ruminate about all the various degrees and symptoms it can present. But, I feel that society as a whole takes the aftermath less seriously than is appropriate. Your book may be an eye opener for many!
I hope that you don’t stop writing. You are really good at it!!!