BirthdayHi, and welcome to my website. I am a native to Washington State. I lived for four years in Colorado when I remarried, but missed my family and the great PNW, so I have relocated back to Washington…with husband in tow.

I started writing poems when I was a child. More of an emotional release. When I retired, my true passion came through…and that was to write novels. My first bookDo I Know You’ is a suspense novel. Sara, my main character, has dreams/intuition that she begins to understand…in the nick of time. When I decided to start my novel it was inspired by an old…very old, memory.The next book to my Sara series is titled ‘Taking What is Mine’…and it will put your protective parenting radar on high alert.

The third book to my Sara series is ‘Four of Spades’ and this is when Sara interacts with the spirit world on a more urgent need.

My stand-alone novel ‘As If Yesterday’ brings new characters to life. No ghosts in this one, but the suspense is quite frightening.

I hope you will stay tuned for my next stand-alone…and future Sara releases…you never know who Sara will be talking to next.


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  1. cathy chism says:

    I love books in series. CJ Vermote book series of Sara by far is the best I have ever read. She weaves such a spider web with a nagging question in her writing. Once your question is answer; it stops you in your tracks. Sara, family and friends are so easy to get attach to; that you can hardly wait for the next book in the series to come out. As a avid suspense reader; with a hint there could be future Sara releases, I can hardly wait for her next book. “As If Yesterday”, some how I missed it. Needless to say, I will start that book tonight. This is an author that I hope her books are not far and few! CJ Vermote is soooo gifted in her writing! Truly, my favorite author!

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