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Susan Leutheuser said “It was deliciously suspenseful and I just gobbled it up!  I really enjoyed that Sara’s intuitive abilities have continued to expand and that she was brave enough to want to solve whatever was going on in the house that Brandon’s parents purchased. I also enjoyed having his parents as new characters, along with the new sweet baby.
You have the talent to integrate the back story of Sara’s past, without it becoming overblown or redundant to those of us who have read the prior books. And yet you share just enough to create an understanding of Sara’s history and her unique abilities. Quite the balancing act!
I can envision many more adventures for Sara as her journey continues…hopefully!
I wish you so much success CJ. You are right up there with the best suspense writers. Better than James Patterson, and his name is a household word.”

cj vermote

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. When I retired, my world became my canvas and a new chapter began. I always had a desire to write a novel, and have done just that... "Do I Know You" was fun to write and I hope you will enjoy reading it. I anticipate the publishing date to be in the Fall of 2012.

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